My camping advice


There used to be a time in my life when I used to go out camping all by myself. Now that’s impossible because I’m married and a mother of three, so I couldn’t leave the kids behind even if I wanted. Maybe that would be possible sometime in the future when they’re a bit grown up, but that can’t happen for a couple of years, to say the least.

If you are a first-time camper, I am going to share some of my experience with you. First off, it’s very important to stay organized and make a list of all the things you need to bring along. Second, you have to make sure that you’re getting at least several tools that can help you get out of a tricky situation. I’m not particularly tech-savvy myself, but my husband is, so I can at least rest assured that everything will go exactly as planned in this sense.


Toilet paper should be the first item on your list. The last thing you’d want to experience is realizing you have none with you and there’s no stream nearby where you can wash yourself.

If you have rented or bought a trailer, things might be a bit more comfortable for you. However, in my experience, I can tell you that once you have reached the campsite, it’s very likely that you will grow tired of sleeping in your RV. So my personal advice would be to invest in a cheap sleeping bag, especially if you go out camping in the summertime. While you’re at it, you could buy a pad or inflatable mattress because they mean the world to people who have a hard time sleeping.


If you don’t have a way of chilling your food, it would be a good idea to refrain from getting some that could get spoiled. I like tinned food because it gives me the feeling that it is not packed with chemicals as much as powdered food. In this respect, it seems to be a bit healthier. Of course, it isn’t a homemade meal, but it can provide the sustenance you might need at some point or the other. Don’t forget that stores are everywhere, so you can just buy things while you’re on the road. If you are interested in cooking your own food, I recommend getting as much aluminum foil as possible because you can use it to prepare anything from meat to veggies.


Before going on the road, there are some things you have to take care of. You need to learn how to put up a tent, make sure to waterproof it, and find out the basics of using a camping stove. There’s a plethora of resources you can use for all of these things, and they can all be found online for free. Sites like YouTube are real goldmines, on this account.


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